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Santorini, pearl of Aegean - Σαντορίνη, το διαμάντι του Αιγαίου- (Video and Pictures)

Welcome to Santorini, the island of unique caldera, the volcanoes, the delicious flavors and the strong emotions. 
An island created by the ...
constant eruptions of the volcano, with an existence associated with myths, such as that of the lost Atlantis, Santorini reaches today through a rich history and lots of adventures. The history of Santorini is strong and intense that can be seen on the wall paintings of the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri and at the mansions, while in the hills with the tomatoes and the slopes with vineyards Santorini offers images, scents and feelings that are strong and unique. 

Feel the famous sunset
with a glass of local wine. Embark on traditional boats and catamarans for a cruise on the waters of the caldera. Swim in crystal clear waters dousing black, red and white beaches. Explore the villages and the medieval castle cities and churches with great history.

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